Checkout our Spring Cleaning Surplus Spree

Setting up and operating a small business for the first time, one occasionally makes a purchase or two that seemed a good idea or great deal initially, but later turns out to be a bit of a white elephant.  With almost a year under our belt, we’re finding we have a few of those lying around!

The box of 36 brand new lemon squeezers at just a few cents a piece at auction was a pretty good deal, considering they retail for $8.00 each… but now, what do I do with the other 35?  Well, as they say: “When life gives you lemons…”

In support of our ‘Hyper Local’ crowdfunding campaign, as long as we’re doing some spring cleaning anyway, we’re going to go ahead and offer some of our surplus items as ‘Perks’ to our generous supporters.  Over the next three days, we’ll continue to add items we move off the shelf or pull out of the storage shed to our Perk page.  Some of the items will be new, some will be well used.  Some will be tough to part with, others have been begging to be re-homed.  Some items will be one-of-a-kind, and others will be offered by the lot.

Keep an eye here… there’s no telling what treasures may hit our Hyper Perks page this week!

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