One Day Only: Rolling Out the Red Carpet (and our Hyper-Local campaign)!

UPDATE (8:30 pm EST): Just an hour left until Best Picture is announced… and the Oscar goes to ???? 6 generous boosters have already claimed their perk today (Thanks SOOO Much!), so only three remain: Get Out (a s’more party), Phantom Thread (custom embroidery), and The Shape of Water (a half-dozen homemade bagels)!

Original Post:

We’ve had an awesome response in the first two days of our ‘Hyper-Local’ crowdfunding campaign!  We’ve already raised $562 towards our $4,232 goal, but we need to raise $90 more by Sunday night in order to hit the 15% mark.

As it turns out, Sunday night is also the 90th Academy Awards evening, and there are 9 nominees for Best Picture.  Too perfect!

So, as promised, in addition to our continued campaign to sell our Meeting Place gift cards, we are offering an exciting selection of 9 Special Perks for your generous contribution of $10 to our cause.

Right up until the envelope is opened and the Best Picture is announced, we are offering an exclusive Perk tied to the title or plot of each of the nine Best Picture nominees for your support at the $10 level.

These are Perks for $10 contributions; no purchase of a gift card is required.  Simply select your Perk, and check out like you would in any online store.

To add to the fun, if the nominated movie that is tied to your selected perk is named Best Picture Sunday night, you’ll also receive a $20 Gift Card to The Meeting Place!

To view the Perks, simply go to and click on each Best Picture nominee until you find the Perk you want.  Just add the Perk to your cart, and check out like you would any online merchant.  Your transaction will be processed through our Square account, and is completely secure.

These nine Oscar-worthy Perks are only available until ‘Best Picture’ is announced Sunday night, and there is only one available of each, so claim your favorite early!  Thanks so much for your support!

(Let’s be honest, coming up with a unique perk for each film was a challenge – particularly since I haven’t yet seen any of the nine nominees!  But I had fun!  Please have a look to see how I did, and let me know in the comments!)


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