About Us

Located in the historic village of Unadilla, NY, The Meeting Place seeks to serve as a crossroads, to create a common ground and maintain the ties of our community.

We provide a cozy place for friends, neighbors and visitors to linger over a big idea, a great cup of coffee and something scrumptious to eat.

What is The Meeting Place?

Located in the historic village of Unadilla, New York (population 1,128), The Meeting Place is a startup café/coffee house with the value proposition “Connecting our community… one cup at a time.”  Our primary focus and purpose is providing the community with a cozy hub with comfortable seats, where neighbors can bump into each other, share gossip, and gather with their friends to linger over the best cup of coffee (or tea) for miles.  In addition to great coffee (locally roasted, fair trade beans & espresso drinks) and great tea (locally blended and traditionally brewed), we will offer fresh small-batch baked goods and a light lunch each day.

Unadilla was originally the site of an Oneida & Tuscarora village, also named Unadilla, at the confluence of the Susquehanna and Unadilla Rivers. The name Unadilla is an Iroquois word which actually means “place of meeting”, indicating the place where two rivers meet.  Sitting on ‘The Property Line of 1763’, drawn by the colonial authorities to limit colonial settlement west of the Unadilla River, the first white settlers in the valley were of the ‘frontier’ variety – folks not afraid to take risks, make their way in the wilderness, and comfortable living side by side with neighbors from a different walk of life.


What sets us apart?

Our Core Values:

  • Our Craftsman Code – Simplicity, Honesty, Truth.
  • Our Permaculture Ethic: People-care, Earth-care, Fair Share.

Our Location: In the heart of ‘the village beautiful’, right on Main Street, next to the Bank and smack dab between the Library and the Post Office.

Our Welcoming Atmosphere: Appealing to all five senses – warm, nostalgic turn-of-the-century decor which hearkens back to the heyday of our local community; comfy seats, natural light and that ‘coffee house buzz’ to lubricate creativity; the smells of just out of the oven ‘home-baked’ treats; and the taste of REALLY good coffee (and tea!).