It’s Mushroom Monday!

One component of our ‘Hyper-Local’ initiative will be growing our own local ingredients in our forest garden, while at the same time reducing our waste stream, and perhaps there is no better way to accomplish this simultaneously than by cultivating Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms… so what better way to celebrate the humble, yet magical, Mycelium than to dedicate a day of our crowdfunding campaign to learn a bit more about the process?

Log-grown Shiitake

I, myself, was turned onto the magic of ‘growing your own mushrooms’ by my friend, Steve Gabriel of Wellspring Forest Farm in Steuben County.  This is literally the guy who wrote the book on the subject!

Our ‘first flush’ of Shiitake won’t be ready until the spring of 2019, but we will be harvesting and inoculating our oak logs and getting things set up early this summer.  Because we’re starting small, we only need $46.00 to purchase our Shiitake spawn and supplies for this year.

Coffee-grown Oyster Mushrooms

But who wants to wait a whole year for a Mushroom & Swiss quiche or a Sauteéd Mushroom & Spinach salad?  So, in addition to log-grown Shiitake, we’ll also be starting production of Oyster mushrooms this Spring!  Besides their amazing flavor (these ain’t your grandma’s button mushrooms!), they’re also a pretty good fit for a forest farm/coffee house combo!  Here’s why…

By June, we hope to be frantically harvesting our own prolific crop of coffee-grown Oyster Mushrooms for use in our menu, but also to continuously recycle our coffee waste to spawn additional countertop mushroom farms for sale to our customers and market patrons.  And, ridiculously, the first steps will only cost us $32.00.

You Can Help Us!

Our goal this Mushroom Monday is to raise $78.00, and to do this we are adding a new Perk on our campaign Perks Page.  For a contribution to our campaign today of just $25.00, you’ll receive a $10.00 Meeting Place Gift Card, redeemable immediately,  and your very own countertop Mushroom Garden, with all the instructions, when they’re ready later this Spring!  There are just three Mushroom Garden perks available, so don’t miss out!  These kits retail online for $25, with no gift card included!

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