3.14 is Pie Day!!! Buy a Gift Card… Get a whole Pie!

March 14 is celebrated as Pi Day by math geeks across the globe!  Well, at The Meeting Place, we choose to celebrate Pie Day instead!  Right now, in our Pie Safe and Pie Cooler we have fresh-from-scratch, homemade Apple, Maple Walnut, Peanut Butter, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue & Lemonade Cheese pies on offer.

Getting back to the math, though… We are at the halfway mark of our 28 day ‘Go Hyper-Local’ crowdfunding campaign, but are only a fifth of the way to our overall funding goal of $4,232. We need to raise $354 dollars more to get over our first ‘hurdle’ and fully fund our Kitchen Salad Garden this week!  So, today only, we’re offering a free fruit pie with every $50.00 gift card purchased today, or a free cream cheese pie with every $35.00 gift card purchased for Pie Day!  Purchase your gift card at the shop, or buy it online here!

More Math: We have four broad initiatives that we’re raising funds for…

  • Plant a Kitchen Salad Garden to provide fresh, local ingredients for our quiches, sandwiches, pies and ‘three-hour’ salads all spring, summer and autumn-long.  We’ve planned for and purchased seeds for 32 different heirloom varieties of vegetables. Our planting schedule runs for 29 weeks, beginning March 26th, and we plan to harvest fresh veggies & salad greens for 34 weeks, beginning in April.  We need $1,218 to get the seeds in the ground this month, and we are just $354 away from crossing this first (and most important) threshold in our campaign.
  • Purchase a full share of the Down Home Acres CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to supplement our first year’s crops.  This will provide us with an abundance of fresh veggies & inspiration over 26 weeks for use in our kitchen.  The cost for our share will be $630.

  • To supplement our delicious veggies & fruits, AND to help us in the work of keeping our new gardens fertile, weed-free and pest-free, we need $1,300 to begin a small pastured poultry-production operation in tandem with our kitchen garden.  We’re hoping to purchase and raise 24 Dark Cornish chickens, 6 Ducks, and 6 Guinea Fowl to provide us with valuable ecological services, Omega-3-rich eggs, and tasty, healthy meat for our recipes.  However, raising livestock off the grid incurs a few additional initial costs to ensure a constant supply of clean water, and solar-powered electric fencing to protect the flock from predators as they forage.
  • Finally, we are raising $1,084 to construct a shade covered café seating area out in front of our store that can be converted to a small farmer’s market one evening a week on Main Street.

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