About Us

Located in the historic village of Unadilla, NY, The Meeting Place seeks to serve as a crossroads, to create a common ground and maintain the ties of our community.

What Sets Us Apart?

The Meeting Place is a startup café/coffee house with the value proposition “Connecting our community… one cup at a time.”

Our Values

Our Craftsmanship: Simplicity, Honesty, Truth. Our Culture: People-care, Earth-care, Fair Share.

Our Location

In the heart of historic Unadilla, NY – ‘the Village Beautiful’ – right on Main Street, next to the Bank and between the Library and the Post Office.

Our Welcoming Atmosphere

Appealing to all 5 senses – warm, nostalgic decor; comfortable seats; natural light; that coffee house buzz; the smells of just-baked treats; and the taste of REALLY good coffee.

What Our Friends Say…

  • Thank you for creating a cozy space space where we of the Unadilla community and those who visit Unadilla can savor delicious food & beverages, learn from one another, and experience kindness.

  • Absolutely fabulous place!! GREAT service, AMAZING food, yummy coffee, & delicious desserts all in a wonderful, cozy atmosphere… & very reasonably priced! Highly recommended!!

  • Unadilla is very fortunate to have this jewel of a coffee house!  What a destination! Fabulous Food and Excellent Service!

  • What a fun place to drink some coffee and relax! Great prices and delicious coffee! I will be back for more cold brew!

  • Great aesthetic, warm place, cheaper than the gas station. AND the nice man had almond milk. #buylocal

  • Thanks Dwight!
    Great coffee/tea/deserts!!! Talk of Unadilla!!! Soon people will see the Sign for Unadilla and say oh, I need a cup of coffee at The Meeting Place!!!!

  • Excellent all the way around. Ill be a regular for sure!! Loved the blueberry crisp!

  • My daughter and I stopped in this morning and we will definitely be back. The scones and coffee were delicious and the atmosphere was friendly and cozy – keep up the great work and thank you for bringing such a wonderful “meeting place” to Unadilla!

  • We needed a place like this! Thank you for creating a magical space for us locals to gather while enjoying excellent freshly prepared foods, delicious teas & coffee, and delightful company. The service was fantastic and I look forward to coming back often!

  • This place is a treat in so many ways. Makes me long to move back home. The atmosphere is only second to the fresh baked goods.

  • The best place in the entire area for a delicious lunch with a baked good to die for.

  • I can’t say enough good things about The Meeting Place! This is what community is all about! Awesome food, fantastic coffee( even lattes and cappuccinos!) and the atmosphere….perfecto! Hope you’re not sick of me yet…I’ve been there every day, sometimes twice!

  • What a wonderful unique relaxing atmosphere. The perfect location to have that cup of morning coffee with a fresh baked muffin or stop for a light lunch of salad, soup, or sandwich. And don’t forget to add a delicious homemade slice of pie.!!! Truly a special place. Something to be said for a spot where you can sit with a friend or start up a conversation with people you don’t even know. Highly recommend.